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SimplyE is a FREE app for patrons that puts the library back in control of their relationship with their patrons. 

Discover the Library E-reading App

simplye on tablet and phone side by side

The Library Experience

Your Library

Put your library back into the role of curating and controlling the e-books your patrons can discover, read and enjoy.

Your Investment

With SimplyE, libraries will see a better return on their e-content investment, by allowing libraries to showcase the often overlooked content with the greatest value. Increase your existing collection with the SimplyE e-material collection that contains free, open access and public domain content.

Your Values

Library Simplified is designed to conform with library principles and values. The SimplyE app protects user privacy and does not track your patrons' data, as other apps do.

Your Decisions

Make informed decisions for your library and your readers with a detailed view of your library collection’s analytics. Data-driven decision making that doesn’t sacrifice patron privacy.

The Patron Experience

All of Your Library's E-Offerings, in One Place

Patrons log in once with their library card for access to all of your library's best materials. Patrons do not need to download multiple apps for each vendor, taking up valuable space on their iPhone or Android. Patrons discover the book, borrow it and read it, all in one place, with the same user experience regardless of vendor.

Customized Reading Experience

Patrons can change the font, font size, background color and more for optimum reading experience. SimplyE includes the OpenDyslexic font and is compatible with screen readers to ensure all readers have access to the books they want.

Library Card Integration

SimplyE connects with your library’s existing library card web application. Patrons who are unable to get to their library can sign up for a library card instantly through the app and begin reading their library’s e-books on the spot.

Increased Collections

Add free collections of open access and public domain classics to your e-content offerings. Yours to keep, forever.

Ready to Explore SimplyE?

Start by exploring the patron experience. Download SimplyE from the App Store or Google Play Store and start browsing, no library card required.