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For libraries who are eager to join Library Simplified but cannot implement and maintain the technologies in-house, our systems integration and support partners are here to help.

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Amigos Library Services is providing the technical infrastructure necessary to support Library Simplified so that public libraries can deploy it to their patrons. Amigos offers implementation for any public library interested in using Library Simplified.

Amigos Library Services’ offering
Amigos Library Services manages the SimplyE infrastructure for libraries who are both Amigos members and non-members. They help libraries configure the app for their patron’s use, as well as support the service thereafter. They documenting the technical implementation and processes necessary for other organizations to implement SimplyE. Details and contact information for this service can be found on their website,

About Amigos Library Services
Amigos Library Services is a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to serving libraries. Consisting of more than 500 libraries and cultural heritage institutions, Amigos Library Services has helped member libraries deliver a higher level of service to their communities through innovation, collaboration and partnerships for more than 40 years. Benefits of Amigos membership include a comprehensive array of services such as negotiated discounts on electronic information resources, opportunities for continuing professional education, access to a rich array of topical online conferences, reliable courier services and more.

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Califa is currently managing a California State Library grant that is laying the groundwork for deploying Library Simplified as a subscription service. 

Califa’s offering
Califa offers a hosted subscription solution for libraries who want to deploy Library Simplified. Califa’s turnkey Library Simplified subscription service includes full system implementation from ILS authentication to ebook vendor and SimplyE app integration. Details and contact information for this service can be found on their website,

About Califa
Califa Group is a nonprofit library membership consortium of more than 220 libraries and is the largest library network in California. Founded in 2004, Califa brokers and facilitates the procurement of library products; manages master contracts and pricing agreements with publishers and vendors; works closely with the California State Library in administering statewide projects supported by federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant funds; offers Continuing Education and Professional Development (CD/PD) training for library staff through the Infopeople project (; and operates, the first nonprofit-developed e-book platform for libraries where we own the e-books we purchase. With years of experience and a network of professional contacts, Califa has demonstrated capacity and experience in library service design, delivery and management.


LYRASIS offers a comprehensive, fully hosted Library Simplified cloud-based service with proven experience ranging from leading large statewide deployments to supporting the implementation of SimplyE with small public libraries. Currently, LYRASIS is the only provider that supports over 200 public libraries using Library Simplified across the United States. LYRASIS Library Simplified hosting services are available to all public libraries; LYRASIS membership is not required.

About LYRASIS’ offering
LYRASIS provides Library Simplified hosting services to support the full range of public library types (from individual to consortia to state libraries) and has developed a uniquely all-inclusive support approach that aligns with each individual public library’s needs. As a trusted partner for several statewide deployments, the LYRASIS team manages the proper set-up and configuration of the software, administers the cloud-based hardware, and provides implementation plans, project management, and library staff training and support for libraries with the launch of the SimplyE mobile applications to patrons. LYRASIS hosting also includes online orientation sessions for library staff and access to an in-depth knowledgebase for staff and patrons. Through a collaborative partnership with DPLA, LYRASIS makes hosting the Library Simplified solution and sourcing content from other platforms such as the DPLA Exchange easy. This hosted option allows libraries to take control of their eContent shelves, merge open content with that from many providers and deliver it in SimplyE. Hosting with LYRASIS makes eContent delivery to patrons turnkey and seamless.

LYRASIS is a non-profit membership organization that supports enduring access to shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions and collaboration with archives, libraries, museums and knowledge communities worldwide.

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