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Library E-books and Audiobooks Made Simple

Library Simplified is a FREE and open-source e-reading software suite that allows libraries to manage their collections and control the patron experience for finding, borrowing and reading library e-books.  For libraries with multiple collections, it unifies the patron experience to a single interface using the free SimplyE e-reading app for both IOS and Android devices.

Library Simplified has been developed and is maintained entirely by libraries for libraries.

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Why Library Simplified?

Take Back Control of Your Patron Experience

Put your library back into the role of curating and controlling which e-books your patrons can discover, read and enjoy.

Enhance Your Existing Collections

Combine e-books and audiobooks from multiple providers, including free, open access and public domain e-books and resources that can be made available to all readers.

Increase Access to Your Collections

Enjoy a better return on your library’s e-content investment by showcasing and promoting the parts of your collections where the greatest value is often overlooked.

Maintain Your Library Identity

Keep patrons aware of your library’s image and identity wherever they go with your library’s name, logo, and brand present within the app.

Commitment to Privacy

Library Simplified is designed to conform with library principles and values. Patrons’ information will never be shared or used commercially.

Make Informed Decisions for Your Library and Your Patrons

Get a detailed view of your library’s collections analytics without sacrificing patron privacy.

The Platform

The Library Simplified system is comprised of three components:

SimplyE is a patron-facing e-reading application that aggregates e-books and audiobooks from various vendors into one easy-to-use interface. The library administration tools give librarians control of which materials their patrons see.

Connecting the library’s e-book collections and the SimplyE e-reader is the Circulation Manager. It handles user authentication, combines vendor purchased licensed works with open access materials the library may wish to make available and serves catalog data. Libraries without e-book vendors, or wishing to expand their marketplace, can also purchase e-materials through the DPLA Exchange — an alternative, nonprofit source that has been developed in consultation with libraries, for libraries. The Digital Public Library of America is working directly with publishers to develop new sources for diverse and inclusive reading materials.

For libraries interested in using Library Simplified but unable to implement and maintain the technologies, nonprofit specialists Amigos, Califa and LYRASIS are available to provide end-to-end, setup, and onboarding services. These service providers also offer low-cost frontline service support for libraries.

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Building a National Digital E-reading Platform

As a shared, nationwide platform, Library Simplified will bring participating libraries together as a community to be able to:

  • Re-establish a personal relationship with our own patrons
  • Reclaim ownership of the collections that we have paid for but that are managed, monitored and controlled by vendors
  • Operate within a simpler, unified e-book system
  • Provide additional support and resources to patrons with high or special needs, especially those with reading disabilities
  • Develop a library-centric environment where our patrons are free to enjoy the pleasure of reading without distractions from commercially-motivated promotion
  • Negotiate for better prices and terms with vendors and publishers

Why Librarians Love Library Simplified and SimplyE

"I am very excited that the Connecticut State Library is working in collaboration with NYPL to deploy the Library Simplified App statewide in Connecticut. This partnership will greatly enhance access to eBooks through Connecticut's public libraries."
Kendall F. Wiggin
State Librarian, Connecticut State Library
“SimplyE is a leading example of how libraries are making great use of IMLS grant funds to step up and step in to app development that improves library service for all. Rather than building local solutions to suit every snowflake, NYPL and their library and consortial partners across the country have worked together to solve two big problems that complicate library eBooks: multiple apps and patron privacy.”
Paula MacKinnon
Director, Califa Group
“SimplyE is allowing Maryland libraries to integrate statewide consortial and individually owned digital content in one easy-to-use app, branded for each individual library system. It eliminates the need for multiple logins on different platforms and puts our libraries in the foreground as the true provider and funding agent of digital content. We’re thrilled to deploy it!"
Michael Blackwell
Director, St. Mary's County Library

Simplify Your Library

Learn how Library Simplified software can improve access to books for your patrons.